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May 11, 2015 / John Stallone

Hunfit 30 day Challange

Huntfit’s 30 Day Challenge

“The Morning Starter”

If you have 7mins you can do this simple workout each morning to get your day started…

20 calve raises: explode up and 3 count down

20 body weight squats : slow and fluid

20 push ups:

30sec-1min forearm sway plank:

Hurdlers stretch hold 20 sec each leg

Quad /hip flexor/ clave stretch 30 sec per side: can be done on staircase or on chair holding back of chair with foot on seat

doorway stretch  

March 22, 2015 / John Stallone

Quicky exercise to improve your bow accuracy

I like to incorporate exercises that build proprioception or balance … I’ve been experimenting for years on how to to improve my bow accuracy while building overall physical fitness.. Adding in a few balance exercises or exercises that fire the supporting muscles will often do the trick… One in particular is bosu ball push ups…these work the core muscles, intrinsic muscles  as well as your “main movers”.

With feet on the bench in push up position tight grip on the edge of the bosu rock the ball to the left touch you knuckles to the floor then rock to the right touch your Knudsen to the floor then do. Push up in center. Go to functional failure (not physical failure) then repeat stating on right side. I like to do 4 sets to keep it even.. But you can start with 2 and work your way up…


November 13, 2014 / John Stallone

In season workout

Well its the middle of the whitetail rut and if your like me you have been spending some time in the treestand and probably not eating all that healthy…. Problem with that is my season circles back to mountain hunts and spot and stalk hunts…. So I always need to get back on the wagon and get back into a routine of eating right and working out….

30 mins of  low impact Cardio and a quick bout with the weights…

3 sets of Hammer throw on cable machine 12-15 reps

3 sets of wood chop on cable machine 12-15 reps

single leg press 3 sets 20-25 reps

Back Extensions on gym ball 3 sets 20 reps

Bent over cable press 3 sets 15-20 reps

Single cable curls on pad 3 sets 15-20 reps

Spiderman pull ups or horizontal pull ups 3 sets 15 reps


August 10, 2014 / John Stallone

Mountain Stalker

A lot of us fall short when it comes to getting close, and most of it has to do with practice and understanding when and where to step, reading body language of the animal your stalking and being patient etc. etc. etc..

However, a good portion of being sneaky and being able to close the distance is in your physical condition and how you practice. “tip toeing in” on a big buck or bull requires balance and precision movements…. You may be able to run up a mountain faster then everyone else but dosent mean you have the muscle control to “place your feet” and make precise movements… That’s why its important to incorporate movements that increase your sneakiness ….


Anterior Step Downs: standing on the ball of your left leg at the edge of a box or tall step very slowly and controlled lower your right leg down and touch just your heal softly to the floor and then slowly back up switch legs and repeat. Do 20 reps and 3 sets

Bear Crawl: Get down on your hands and feet keep your butt down and move slowly for 30 yards 3-5 sets

Stair Stalkers: try to find a stair well that is at least 3 flights of stairs. sprit up the stairs contacting each step with both feet then when you get to the top very slowly come down trying to make as little noise as possible control the contact of your foot impacting the step. 3-6 sets depending how many flights you are running up

Single Leg work: Standing one leg preferably barefoot and holding opposite leg in front in high knee position (like the Captain) using dumbbells do a set of 10-15 reps alternating push press or military press.. then switch legs and o the same… On the next set try lateral raises or curls…. do 3-4 sets. The idea here is to add different acting forces while you are trying to maintain balance.. If standing on the floor is easy then stand on a mat or a pillow as you get better keep trying platforms that are less and less stable (thicker mats or pillows)..

August 4, 2014 / John Stallone



Balancing Exercises

Balancing exercises also help to strengthen the core muscles (back. abs, and buttocks) which are used for balancing. Doing a variety of exercises will ensure you target different muscle groups.

Opposite Arm and Leg Extension: balancing / stabilization exercise: Strengthens muscles running down sides of spine, back of shoulders, and buttocks

Begin on all fours, hands directly under your shoulders and knees directly under your hips. Keep the back flat. Keep buttocks and abdomen tight. (To activate your deepest abdominal muscles, cough once or twice) Lift one arm up and forward that it is parallel to your back. Keeping the arm extended, lift the opposite leg in the same manner. Keep your face down, head aligned with spine. Keep arm, spine, and leg aligned as if they are forming a flat tabletop. Balance yourself for a count of ten, relax, switch sides and repeat. Remember to breathe. Do 10 repetitions.

Single Leg dead lifts

Stand with feet shoulder width apart stand on one leg bend over and touch floor do ten on each side. You can use light weights or stand on a mat for extra balance work. This will develop your stability muscles and allow you to prevent ankle twist in the field.

Exercising Using an Exercise Ball

Exercising with or without equipment is effective, but the exercise ball is often used by physical therapists. Also called the Stability Ball because you have to stabilize or balance yourself on the ball. Stability ball exercises are great for strengthening the back and abs as these core muscles are activated by the act of balancing.

Pick an exercise ball where your legs are parallel to the floor when sitting on it. Exercise balls are over inflated balls. The softer the exercise ball, the easier it is to balance on it. The further the ball is from your body, the harder the exercise. When doing exercises using an exercise ball, keep the abdomen tight.

Doing exercises with an exercise ball activates the muscles than run up and down the spine, and deep core muscles.

Stabilization Exercises Using An Exercise Ball

The following stabilization exercises are performed while sitting on the exercise ball:

Feet flat on floor with hips and knees bent at a 90-degree angle. Keep you abdomen tight. (To activate your deepest abdominal muscles, cough once or twice).Keep your back straight.

Raise and lower one heel at a time. Raise and lower one foot at a time a couple of inches off the floor as if marching. Raise and lower arm, alternating sides. Raise and lower arm while lifting opposite heel off floor.

The following stabilization exercises are performed while laying on the exercise ball:

Lie with stomach over ball. Place hands flat on floor. Tighten your abdomen (To activate your deepest abdominal muscles, cough once or twice) and keep your back straight.

Place hands flat on floor. Walk on hands away from ball until ball is under legs. Walk back to starting position.

Place hands flat on floor. Walk on hands away from ball until ball is under legs. Slowly raise and lower alternating arms.

Place hands flat on floor. Walk on hands away from ball until ball is under legs slowly perform push-ups.


July 27, 2014 / John Stallone

Diet and training…… Alkaline Diet

If you are like most guys/gals who train you are probably eating a diet high in protein and low in carbs, which is great for leaning out and growing muscle. However you may be doing yourself a disservice……

Enzymes, especially food enzymes, are greatly affected by the pH balance levels in the human blood and body tissue. Their enzymatic functions, or lack thereof, will determine the state of health or disease that your blood and body tissue will or can possess.

This is why it is critical for you to understand the health principles behind the Acid Alkaline Diet. It is important that we learn to eat Alkaline Foods with PROPER FOOD COMBINING PRINCIPLES according to the Acid Alkaline Food Chart.

Developing a diet that consists of foods that are alkalizing and still provide you with the high protein you need to build can be a challenge. Myself personally I try to eat an alkalizing vegetable when eating meat and I also try to eat one meal a day that is mostly alkaline. I actually developed a shake that seems to be working very well for me… I use it as second breakfast or midday snack… Either way you should get yourself tested by a professional and have them help you develop a diet suitable for your goals….


one apple frozen ( I buy them fresh pre slice them and then freeze)

1/8 cup frozen blueberries

1/8 cup of chia seeds

1/8 cup of walnuts

1/8 cup of raisins

1.5-2 cups of chocolate hazel nut milk

Blend it up in a high speed mixer like a Vitamix or Ninja


list of alkaline foods:


Healthy Alkaline Foods Foods you should only Acidic Foods
– Eat lots of them! consume moderately  
Vegetables Fruits Meat, Poultry, And Fish
Alfalfa Grass (In season) Beef
Asparagus Apple Chicken
Barley Grass Apricot Eggs
Beet Banana Liver
Black Radish Black Currant Ocean Fish
Broccoli Blueberry Organ Meats
Brussels Sprouts Cantaloupe Oysters
Cabbage Cherry Pork
Carrot Coconut, Fresh Veal
Cauliflower Cranberry
Cayenne Pepper Currant
Celery Date
Chives Gooseberry, Ripe Milk And Milk Products
Comfrey Grape, Ripe Buttermilk
Cucumber Grapefruit Cream
Dandelion Mandarin Hard Cheese
Dog Grass Mango Homogenized Milk
Endive Orange Quark
French Cut Green Beans Papaya
Garlic Peach
Green Cabbage Pear
Horseradish Pineapple
Kamut Grass Plum Bread, Biscuits
Kohlrabi Rasperry Rye Bread
Lamb’s Lettuce Red Currant White Biscuit
Leeks (Bulbs) Rose Hips White Bread
Lettuce Strawberry Whole-Grain Bread
Onion Tangerine Whole-Meal Bread
Peas Watermelon
Potatoes Yellow Plum
Red Cabbage
Red Radish
Rhubarb Stalks
Rutabaga Non-Stored Grains Nuts
Savoy Cabbage Brown Rice Cashews
Shave Grass Wheat Peanuts
Sorrel Pistachios
Soy Sprouts
Sprouted Chia Seeds
Sprouted Radish Seeds Nuts
Straw Grass
Turnip Macadamia Nuts
Watercress Walnuts Fats
Wheat Grass Butter
White Cabbage Corn Oil
White Radish Margarine
Fruits Fresh Water Fish
Fresh Lemon
Tomato Sweets
 raisins Artificial Sweetners
Barley Malt Syrup
Non-Stored Organic Grains Fats Beet Sugar
& Legumes Coconut Milk Brown Rice Syrup
Buckwheat Groats Sunflower Oil Chocolate
Granulated Soy Dried Sugar Cane Juice
Lentils Fructose
Lima Beans Honey
Quinoa Malt Sweetener
Soy Flour Milk Sugar
Soy Lecithin Molasses
Soy Nuts White Sugar
White Beans
Almonds Condiments
Brazil Nuts Ketchup
 Hazelnuts Mayonaise
Seeds Soy Sauce
Caraway Seeds Thousand Island
Cumin Seeds Vinegar
Fennel Seeds
Flax Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds
Sesame Seeds
Sunflower Seeds
Wheat Kernel
 chia seeds
Fats (Cold-Pressed Oils) Beverages
Borage Oil Beer
Evening Primrose Oil Carbonated Beverages
Flax Seed Oil Coffee
Marine Lipids Liquor
Olive Oil Milk
Packaged Fruit Juice
Sweetened Fruit Juice
Tea (Black)


July 17, 2014 / John Stallone

Want to Get in Shape? Dont know where to start?

Many people start off wanting to get in shape or at least improve their current condition with great intentions…. Many don’t know where to begin or what to do….. Well if you can navigate the internet its not too hard to find workouts and meal plans to suit your needs but what most people don’t know the key to success is not really in the what, when and how…. but in the why…

What do I mean by this…. Well research shows the most important thing to living healthy and staying/getting in “shape” is to achieve the mindset to get there first…. Sounds a bit confusing…but its not… The 4 most important factors to developing a healthy lifestyle: Motivation, Acclamation, building the habit, and achieving goals…

So how to we do this….. Hunt Fit is gonna issue you a 30 day challenge that will hit all 4 of these…..

For the next 2 weeks:

Cut out soft drinks, bread, pasta, and high fats

Wake up each morning drink 12oz of water

5 days a week Do 20 crunches, 20 push ups, 20 body weight squats……….  simple right!!!!!!!

3rd week: Start eating more “clean” stick to lean meats and veggies……Add 15reps per side Single leg deadlift without weight to the workout and increase the reps 5-10 on the other exercises

Week 4: try to do 2 sets of each of the exercises…… still drinking a full glass of water each morning…

Do this all while checking with us on this facebook post  

All of this sounds pretty simple and relatively easy to do…. so what did we achieve here… Well most importantly we developed a habit and we began to set your metabolic clock, drinking the glass of water before anything else kick starts your metabolism and working out first thing every morning sets the pace for your metabolism for the day.. We also started to acclimate your body to exercising without killing you right off the bat. By not killing your self right off the back allows you to reach each mile mark and keeps you moving in the right direction….  The motivation comes from checking in with us and showing that you excepted the challenge